The Henley Midmar Yacht Club

Boat shed management protocol

Usage declaration


To provide convenient inexpensive storage for small craft with deliberate and intentional preference to frequent Midmar sailors.


A small craft would be defined as sailing vessels of size approximately equal to the laser, mirror or miracle.


The boatshed is not intended to be a passive storage facility for occasional or away sailors. The specific purpose is to encourage active sailor participation and youth development AT THE CLUB. “Away” sailors who have access to road-trailers should make use of them.

Preference will be given to

  • Active sailors.

  • Youth and active schools.

  • Sailors who base the majority of their activities at the club and therefore do not make use of road trailers.

  • NO keelboat tenders shall be allowed.

  • Wooden boats.

  • But in all instances use is to enable more frequent “at home” sailing.

- Schools would preferably be asked to rack their boats as they are generally more able to have pupils stack them than individual members could. 
- Rack frames will be designed and individuals may pad them according to needs.
- Space / rack rental will be charged at an annual rate determined and published with member fees and payable when club membership fees are due.
- No pro-rata rental period shall apply for shorter term.
- Any vessels stored and storage not paid for within 1 month of due date will be removed by cutting of locks and shall be placed outside at full risk to the owner. 
- In the case of canoeists, the same will apply.
- Members may make use of their own racks if agreeable, however they will still be liable PER vessel stored.

Charges will be levied PER CRAFT, whether it is a dinghy, canoe or sailboard irrespective of whether an individual racks multiple vessels on own equipment or not. 

Own trailers with racks will be charged the equivalent to 4 craft if space available.

There shall be no distinction in the charge between vessel type.



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