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Members may invite guests to camp in the club grounds for Club Functions.  The Member will at all times be responsible to ensure that the guest is in compliance with the rules of the Club and of Ezemvelo.  The Guest is expected to depart from the Club premises at the same time as the Member.  Non-members may not camp unless accompanied by a Member.  Temporary Membership can be conferred on Non-Members entering Regattas and Learn To Sail courses during the said period. 



  • Camping is restricted to bona fide Club members in good standing and/or paid-up entrants in Club organized regattas or events.
  • In all cases, only immediate members /entrants (as in 1) and their families are permitted as part of that party.
  • Camping is only permitted on specified weekends, at organized regattas and club social events and at no other time whatsoever, unless applied for and granted in writing by the Officer in Charge of Ezemvelo / KZN Wildlife, Midmar Dam Resort.

           This permission must be applied for through the club committee.

  • A maximum of 60 campers (individuals) will be permitted to camp on HMYC’s grounds at any one time, therefore it is essential to book ahead of time.

          Please note: No person under the age of eighteen may camp on the club premises without adult supervision,

          such supervision to be by a person twenty-five years or older.

  • Bookings. In order to control access to camping, persons wanting to book a camp site, must complete the online camping bookingrequest, the camping form sent out with the notice of regatta or obtain a camping form from the Club Administrator during office hours and then return or e-mail the completed form back to the Club Administrator.
  • Payment. All payments must be made directly to the club either when booking or when registering for a regatta, or event. Receipts must be issued as these will constitute proof of payment for their site. 

         Rates: Camping rates are posted on the club noticeboard or are available during office hours from the Club Administrator.

         Please check before payment.

  • Ezemvelo / KZN Wildlife camping and general rules apply.
  • Sites are taken up on a first come first served basis, in the demarcated areas only.
  • No camping is permitted beneath any thatched area as this area is reserved for day visitors only.
  • No open fires are permitted within five meters of any thatched cover.
  • No driving of vehicles on grassed areas outside of designated camping areas.
  • No speeding or reckless driving in the club grounds and/or unnecessary driving in the boat park and slipway areas.
  • No excessive noise, especially after 22h00.
  • Abusive language, drunkenness and loud music will not be tolerated and shall result in camping rights being withdrawn without notice.
  • Campers are responsible for the removal of all garbage from their campsite and to dispose of it outside the Club premises.
  • No pets of any kind are allowed


Right of Admission is STRICTLY reserved, any member/visitor not complying with the above conditions and regulations or abiding by the Club Constitution, will be asked to leave the club grounds immediately and subject to a Club Committee decision, may lose the privilege of camping in the club grounds again.

Please Note: Henley Midmar Yacht Club, its committees or officials cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or claim whatsoever by any person making use of the Club facilities.